As a follow-up to my previous post, I ran my Pokémon Trainers to 100 matches each. It took seven weeks to go from 50 to 100. Here are the following results:

I recorded each figure’s stats when Terry, Byleth, and Banjo & Kazooie were released just in case the update and rush of new figures skewed the results. Offhand, there appears to be little difference from the change. Most had their match count in the 80s. Squirtle had already reached 100 at that point.

I also recorded some notable high points. My Ivysaur topped out at a 29.27 rating. My only other amiibo with a higher rating is my King K. Rool at 30.86 after 50 matches. That’s impressive for a Pokémon Trainer. A large reason for the high rating appears to be that it often wins against three of the top amiibo: Incineroar, Bowser, and King K. Rool.


My Pokémon Trainer (PT) Squirtle caught up with my Squirtle. Both Ivysaur figures kept a similar win rate and increased the rating by more than one full point. My Charizard was previously the top-rated of the six. It dropped by more than a full point. This brought it closer but still a full rating point above my PT Charizard.

The two Ivysaur clearly performed the best by a good margin. The two Charizard placed very differently. Splice’s nickname “Gamble Dragon” is fitting. The Squirtle were quite consistent but generally lower than the others fulfilling it’s nickname “Danger Turtle.”

If you want the best starter, then Ivysaur is the way to go. Perhaps it should be dubbed the “Cabbage Smasher.”