You have probably been directed to this page in response to a job posting you have given me. Currently, I’m not looking for new opportunities. If you feel you can change my mind, the following lists my requirements for employers.


  • My family and my time with them is important to me. Regular working hours for me are eight hours per day Monday through Friday. I understand needing to work extra hours a few times per year. However, if your company regularly requires extra hours, you have a culture problem and I don’t want it to be my problem.

  • My family is happy with where we live. We love our community, we live close to extended family, and we enjoy the relatively low cost of living. We won’t move. There are ample remote and local (Utah) jobs available.

  • Ethics are crucial. If your business engages in questionable business practices or violates users’ privacy, I won’t have anything to do with you.

  • I’m good at what I do and expect good compensation and benefits. I expect job postings to be transparent. Every company defines “depending on experience” and “competitive pay” differently.


  • I prefer working for an agency, dev shop, etc. I enjoy the frequent change in projects. Consequently, by working with many technologies and architectures, I have gained a great advantage over my peers with the same number of years experience.

  • I prefer working remotely. I enjoy working in a distraction-free environment in which I control. With the large variety of tools available (Slack, video conferencing, etc) physical presence is not required for collaboration on digital projects. If working remotely is not possible, I prefer short commutes. I will not work in an open floor plan office. I prefer to not work in cube farms. Individual or team offices are superior for on-site productivity.

  • I prefer flexible working hours.

  • I prefer projects that are interesting and have a positive, meaningful impact on the world.

  • I prefer minimal political drama and red tape.

  • I prefer full-time work, though sometimes I take a contract job on the side.

Contract Work

I charge $150/hour with time rounded up to the nearest quarter hour daily. For example, if I work three hours and three minutes, at the end of the day I round the time to three hours and fifteen minutes. This system is the simplest to manage and helps account for the cost of context switching.

Please note, I will not sign an NDA just to hear your next great idea. It’s not worth increasing my legal liability.

Other Notes

  • “About Me” includes more personal and professional details. This includes apps I have made.

  • As a policy, I don’t give out my phone number or email addresses to anyone before hiring me. I hate spam. You may contact me through my LinkedIn page.

  • To show that you have read and understand the above requirements you must in your next communication answer this question: “Which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek and why?” Any communications failing to do so will be ignored.

If the above terms are agreeable to you, please contact me. I would love to do business with you.