While attending university I was fairly consistent in writing on my blog. I’ve scarcely touched it since then. Several years later, my blog still gets 2,000 to 7,000 hits per month. It’s a pleasant surprise. I feel that there is much more I can share with the community than these out-dated articles.

Now I’m trying again. This time I’ve built my own blogging system. The incentive is to learn new technologies. For the front-end, I’m using Elm. The back-end is just Nginx serving static pages from a Macminicolo server. For content management I’m using Contentful. Eventually I plan on open sourcing my code. The intent is more to share examples with the community rather than build a plug-and-play blogging system.

So far I’ve been happy with the results and have learned a lot in the process. I plan to channel this new knowledge and experience into future projects. All the while, I hope to share my insights with others too.